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Premium wine from Piedmont (Piemonte) Italy

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Welcome to our website, please take a few moments to browse our wine selections from the menu above. We have an extensive tasting notes collection and lots of information on the Piedmont region of Italy where we grow our own and source other boutique wines. All our wines are held in warehouse in the UK for next day delivery to your home.

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What We Do

We are a UK web based wine importer and distributor specialising in wines from the Piedmont Region of North West Italy. We supply home consumers, corporate clients, restaurants and independent shops. We supply wine through our website, through special wine events and through organised tastings. .If you would like to organise a tasting please contact us.  

Other Services Include:

  • Wedding Service - We can organise wine for your very special day, discounts available dependant on quantity. The sparkling wines on our list offer an alternative to over priced champagne. We also supply low alcohol sparkling wines.
  • Corporate Wine Gifts - Tailored to the specific needs of corporate clients, we can do wines in cases, boxes and with individual packaging.
  • Personalized Labeling – We can provide wine with personalized labels. Suitable for corporate functions, clubs, weddings and other trade customers.  (Requires sufficient notice.)

Who We Are

Four friends who have combined their different skills and expertise to convert their passion for good wine into a business. In no particular order of importance we are:

Ingrid & Phil Blades - Bought their own Piedmont vineyard 3 years ago. As well as managing many aspects of the Piedmont wine business, they grow grapes from which they produce their own red and white wines.  Being close to many of the other local Piedmont wine producers allows them to source great wines from other small producers that would not otherwise get imported into the UK.  They are the local experts on the ground, this allows them to select the best wines and find the hidden gems that make Piedmont Wines stock list so interesting. Phil can often be found taking interested persons on tours around his vineyard. Ingrid meanwhile remains poised to rescue the same people when she thinks Phil has forgotten that not everyone wants to know the history of every single vine in the vineyard – all 3000 plus of them.

Brian & Christine Marshall - The UK arm of the team, Brian looks after the company finances and business development while Christine who is actually a professional writer, sells the wine to anyone who agrees with her that the big boys in the wine business  should not have everything their own way. Stand still long enough and she will be sure to hand you one of our business cards.

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Piedmont - Where is it and what has it got to do with wine?

Italy's westernmost region borders on Switzerland and France, surrounded by the Alps and the Apennines its name means "foot of the mountains. Piedmont is the 2nd largest Italian region covering 25,399 square kilometers it ranks 5th in population with 4.5 million people. Its vineyards cover 70,000 hectares which makes it the 6th largest wine production region in Italy. It has 35,900 hectares of vineyards that carry the DOC classification rendering it the number 1 area for quality as designated by DOC status. More figures - annual wine production is 32,700,000 hectoliters of which 32% or 1,200,000 hectoliters is DOC or DOCG. Most vineyards are located in two major areas; the Langhe and Monferrato hills which are connected to the Apennines in the southeast and the foothills of the Alps to the north between Lake Maggiore and Valle d'Aosta.

Why Only Wines From Piedmont?

  • Mainly because they are unique and generally not so well known. Piedmont as a region has something unique to offer.
  • It can be really difficult to find them in the UK – and Phil & Ingrid are ideally placed to find those “gems” in their back yard.
  • We have stayed clear of  wines that taste predictably like many modern wines from all over the world., the boutique producers we work with do not make wine lacking in  individual character”
  • All our wines are produced on family estates made up of relatively small parcels of land and practically all our classified wines derive from native vines.

Why Are We Different

  • All wine is the end product of grape juice fermentation. With modern production techniques knowledgeable enologists can take grapes grown anywhere in the world,  blend them in vats according to a chemical recipe and churn out predictable, pleasant wines that taste the same year after year. Supermarkets sell thousands of bottles of such wines and to some extent shape consumer’s choice and perceptions of quality because of their competitive pricing ability. By restricting our stock list to the Piedmont region we know that we can guarantee all our wines reflect the tastes of specific grapes grown in the region best suited to the varietal.
  • We source only from producers whose wine is defined by the intensity of the varietal character of the grape and its unique sense of place.
  • All our boutique wines have come from hand picked grapes grown and made into wine using exacting standards.
  • Our wines are produced in very small quantities; you will not find them on the supermarket shelf.
  • We have close relationships with every one of our wine producers; we personally taste and approve every wine that gets added to our list.
  • We source wine from producer’s who work in balance with nature. Care of the land in which the grapes grow is of equal importance to production techniques.
  • We buy direct from the vineyards and pass our savings on to our customers.
  • We do not ‘price up’ in order to make special offers, when we advertise special deals it involves genuine discounts.

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Service Standards

  • We believe that there is a lot of pretension about wine appreciation which often puts people off trying to learn more. We therefore avoid using unnecessary jargon, hype or high brow wine- speak.
  • We encourage people to ask for advice and information on any of our wines and appreciate any feedback that our customers take the time to give us.  
  • We aim to provide through our web site and special events programmes, the information that encourages people to confidently explore our grape varieties and enjoy new wines. 
  • We take pride in providing a personal service to all our clients
  • We have tried to make the on-line ordering and delivery service as user friendly as possible.
  • We create and edit our wine tasting notes to help people choose a wine to suit every occasion and food pairing.
  • Piedmont Wine act in accordance with the 2003 Licensing Act.  We will not sell wine to anyone under the age of 18. By placing an order you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
  • We ship wine from our bonded warehouse in the UK and offer an efficient delivery service.

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Meet the winemakers
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