"Tai Chi Retreat"

I cannot recommend staying with Phil and Ingrid highly enough. They are superb hosts with a true passion for the region and culture that they have adopted as their own. This comes through particularly in their love and knowledge of the food and especially the wine of Piedmont, which they produce themselves with admirable results.

My stay with Phil and Ingrid was a first for all of us as it involved my teaching a week long Tai Chi retreat at Vecchio Podere Santa Cristiana for 24 students. Phil and Ingrid coped brilliantly with this large and diverse group of people. They worked far beyond the call of duty to make everyone’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

In the three years that they have been in Piedmont, Phil and Ingrid have integrated themselves into their community to an extraordinary degree, learning from and giving back to their friends, neighbours and colleagues in equal measure. Consequently they are able to share with their guests something of Piedmont as it is lived. In everything they do
it is clear that they do it for the love of the thing itself rather than commercial interest.

One of the great joys of the retreat for me was to meet in Phil and Ingrid people who produce their wine along the same principles that we follow in our Tai Chi: listening and acting in harmony with nature, working in accord with the seasons rather than against them and accepting the natural pace of things rather than attempting to hurry it along. The name of their own high quality Barbera D’Asti “Piano Piano” (a local phrase meaning “slowly slowly”) is a tribute to this
philosophy. I must add that it is a philosophy that produces wonderful results. Their wine along with that of their close friends and colleagues Roberto Urscheler and Mario & Clementina Cossetti is the cleanest that I have ever tasted. Beware, once you have tasted their wine you may never be able to go back to the mass produced wine of the supermarkets.

Matthew, Bermuda and Kent - May 2007


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New producers for this season are Angelo Sassi, San Cristoforo, Nieve, Piedmonte